Unicorn Sleep
Now through Oct 31st 50% of profits will be donated to METAVivor to benefit stage IV breast cancer research.

Sleep Talk with Professionals

Sleep is complicated, we're making it easy

Dr. Shirley Jerkens, MSPT, CKPT

Physical Therapist
Owner/ To the Max Physical Therapy, P.C.

Some of the most important things in our physical lives take place during sleep, from infancy through adulthood. There is an abundance of robust scientific studies that state rest is the most important factor in allowing the human body to recover and rebuild from the physical and mental trauma that occurs during intense work or play. There is a correlation between healthy bone growth and sleep.

With proper rest, we all perform better and think more clearly.

SIMPLE FACT: We all need as much quality sleep as possible in order to be at our best. Before we invest in anything else we must invest in quality sleep and that takes a high-quality, amazing mattress…

I give you Unicorn Sleep. These handmade, made to order mattresses are constructed based on your custom sleep profile.

Invest in your best self…. Unicorn Sleep.