Unicorn Sleep
We are offering our customers a Free 40 Night Sleep Trial on any one of our Ultra Premium Unicorn Sleep Mattresses.
It's an honest-to-goodness "try it before you buy it" trial program we call #freeforforty.

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The internet has been raving about the mattress in a box for awhile now and I hate to admit it but I fell victim to this scam. When I received my mattress the delivery man left it on my front stoop! I’m an old man and I had a really tough time setting this bed up, they definitely make it look a whole lot easier on youtube. I hated this bed right from the start, it was way to firm and would not contour to my body. I almost fell off the bed one night that's how stiff it was. After that incident and many restless nights later I had to discard of it. I than came across Unicorn Sleep and WOW! I have nothing but good things to say about this company. I purchased the king and sleeping has just not been the same, this bed is on a whole other level. No body pain, no rolling off the bed, it’s just quality made. The White Glove Delivery was what really stood out to me. I didn't have to stretch a finger. They removed my awful in a box mattress and replaced it with my luxurious king mattress. No setup or cleanup charge. Such a great experience with this company.

Owen Hamilton