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We are offering our customers a Free 40 Night Sleep Trial on any one of our Ultra Premium Unicorn Sleep Mattresses.
It's an honest-to-goodness "try it before you buy it" trial program we call #freeforforty.



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I couldn't believe the help I received from the staff at Unicorn Sleep. I wanted to know all the differences between the mattresses and what would suit me best. Every Time I went onto the site I chatted with one of the reps and every single one of them was helpful. I’m a bit overweight and I tend to sleep on my stomach. They recommended that I go with a Firm top because then the stiffness of the bed will help support my lower back. I originally had a pillow-top and would every now and then experience back pains but not anymore. I even feel like I’m breathing better on the firm because I’m not suffocated into the mattress. I was a bit nervous at first getting a firmer bed because I love the overly soft feel but, after trusting and going with what the Staff told me I wouldn’t have received the great nights rest I get every night now. Absolutely love it.

Joey Schultz