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We are offering our customers a Free 40 Night Sleep Trial on any one of our Ultra Premium Unicorn Sleep Mattresses.
It's an honest-to-goodness "try it before you buy it" trial program we call #freeforforty.

The First Completely FREE Trial

Pay NOTHING upfront.

We’re turning the mattress industry upside down with a first-of-its-kind sleep trial. You see, every other manufacturer offers some tantalizing 100-day (or more) trial program, but you need to purchase the mattress upfront, and if you decide to return it 3 months later, you need to call customer service, coordinate the whole process and wait a few weeks for a credit to your credit card. In other words, it’s a “buy it before you try it” program, which just isn’t right. We have a better idea, and we think you’ll love it.

We are offering our customers a free 40-night sleep trial on any one of our ultra-premium Unicorn Sleep Mattresses. It’s an honest-to-goodness “try it before you buy it” trial program we call FreeforForty. #Freeforforty

Your mattress is fundamental to your overall health and wellbeing, and is one of the most important purchases that that you’ll make. Remember, you spend one-third of your life in bed, so it’s arguably a more important decision than the car you drive. That’s why we want you to sleep on one of our luxurious mattress for 40 nights free-of-charge, and truly experience deep, restful sleep without worrying about money.

The first completely free sleep trial

1. Pick your mattress
2. Checkout using Gane
3. Once qualified, complete your order using Gane.

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Sleep on it… on us for 40 nights

With our Free for Forty trial program, anyone can try out an ultra-premium luxury mattress from Unicorn Sleep for 40 nights without paying one cent or making a financial commitment. At any time during the 40-night trial you can decide to return the mattress, at no penalty, and your credit card won’t be charged, because it never was.

Here is how it works

  • Select your mattress model, size, and comfort level (and box spring if you need it) and at checkout, click on the Gane option. We’ll run a soft credit check with our partner Gane Loans to qualify you for the promotion.
  • Once approved, you’ll check out via Gane’s simple process. 
  • We’ll give you a week’s notice to schedule a window for our white glove delivery service, where we deliver and setup your Unicorn Sleep Mattress, and we’ll even take away your mattress and either discard it or donate it to a worthy charity.
  • A bill will only be generated 41 days after delivery if you choose to keep your Unicorn Sleep ultra-premium mattress. From there, you can choose 12-months of interest-free financing through Gane Loans, or you can pay in full in a manner that is convenient for you. That’s it.
  • Sleep well, and enjoy the industry’s first-ever “try it before you buy it” sleep trial from your friends at Unicorn Sleep.

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The firm queen I received is simply amazing. Now I am completely satisfied knowing that I won't have to search for another mattress company again because I’ll only be buying from Unicorn from now on. Great product.

Taylor Bell