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In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and to support Metastatic Breast Cancer, we are donating 50% of profits to METAVivor on any purchase made on our site until the end of October!

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The perfect mattress for all types of sleepers.


Purchase a full set of our products (Mattress, Adjustable Base, Any Pillow, Sheets, Protectors) and receive $500 OFF


What's your feel? SOFT  MEDIUM  FIRM

Complimentary "White Glove" Service

Delivery, Setup & Mattress Removal

Delivering Affordable Luxury.

Highest quality mattresses and bedding.

  Complimentary Box Spring
  $500 OFF Adjustable Base

What's your feel? SOFT  MEDIUM  FIRM

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Mythical Comfort + 150 Night Sleep Trial
Made From The Highest Quality Materials Available

What's your feel? SOFT  MEDIUM  FIRM

Three different feels for all types of sleepers:
soft (side-sleeper) medium (position-changes) firm (stomach and back sleepers)

When a Unicorn stands behind
cancer research, magic happens.

They say the unicorn is a fairy tale. They also say there is no cure for Stage IV breast cancer.
At Unicorn Sleep, we know that’s not true. We’ve found the path to both.

  30% of profits from every METAvivor mattress will go directly to fund Stage IV breast cancer research.

What's your feel? SOFT  MEDIUM  FIRM

Three different feels for all types of sleepers:
soft (side-sleeper) medium (position-changes) firm (stomach and back sleepers)

Celliant Energizing Memory Foam Pillow

Designed to promote a temporary increase in blood flow, Celliant fibers promote faster recovery time from physical activity and help your body thermoregulate & balance itself to maintain its core internal temperature.

Adjustable Base

Full body massage, undercarriage LED lighting and a flush wall design for headboards.

$500 OFF!

Luxury can't be contained to a box.

Unicorn Sleep uses only the most bespoke, high end materials
and top of the line delivery process in our exclusive mattress.

150 Night Sleep Trial

We're so confident we offer the longest trial in the industry

150 Night Trial

Longest in the industry

Complimentary "White Glove" Service

Delivery, Setup & Mattress Removal

Manufactured & Handcrafted

In The USA

The Perfect Mattress Does Exist

10 Layers Provide Mythical Comfort

1 Coil Encased 870

Did you know that coil encasement is proven 26% more durable than foam encasements? The fabric-encased coils provide an even surface that absorbs partner movement.

2 High Density Support Foam

High density support foam provides long-lasting comfort, support and durability. Handcrafted by our hybrid mattress professionals.

3 Natural Cotton Comfort

Breathable natural cotton batting helps regulate body temperature and heart rate. It also provides soft support, excellent moisture absorption and wicking properties.

4 Microcoil Comfort Layer

The European mini coil design instantly conforms to your body, providing ultimate comfort to the areas you need it most. The 1000 points of contact reduce body impressions while maintaining maximum support.

5 Cooling Gel Memory Foam

Increases support for the body while maintaining the utmost level of comfort and cool sleeping temperature. *Pillow Top

6 7 Natural Latex

Resilient latex creates a plush feel, conforming instantly to embrace your body’s unique shape. It distributes weight evenly, reducing the pressure points that cause tossing and turning. *Two Layers in Pillow Top

8 High Density Comfort Quilting Foams

High density comfort quilting foams provide a luxurious “feel” on the surface of the hybrid mattrress.

9 Super Soft Pressure Relieving Convoluted Foam

Designed to mold to the contours of your body, convoluted foam reduces pressure and provides the right amount of individual support for your body.

10 New Zealand Natural Joma & Alpaca Wool

Alpaca is one of the best of the new breed of exotic, high performance fibers. It is similar to wool except that it naturally contains no lanolin which improves performance in very humid conditions and it is naturally hypo-allergenic, removing the need for chemicals to create this important benefit.

Buying a Mattress Has Never Been Easier

Select your mattress based on feel and size. Within 24 hours, a sleep professional will follow up on your order to ensure accuracy.

We will keep you informed of your order via email or a phone call. Your Unicorn is in good hands.

Specialists deliver, set up & remove your old mattress. We will follow up within 24 hours to ensure we kept our Promise to you!

What's your feel? SOFT  MEDIUM  FIRM

Luxury can't be contained to a box

You shouldn't have to decompress, air-out, or un-roll your mattress. Real mattresses are now accessible online through Unicorn Sleep. Handcrafted, 10 comfort layer, high quality, hybrid mattresses, delivered & setup for free.

We value sleep and the important health benefits associated with a great night of sleep. Your sleep should not be contained in a box. We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping - let's give our health what it deserves.

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Dana Donofree

After my cancer diagnosis, sleep and rest became the most important thing in my daily life. Seeing Unicorn Sleep partner with METAvivor and support our cause to find research and a cure made both of these worlds combine in a perfect partnership... see you in the morning.. zZzZz

Dana Donofree